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The Orchid Digest is a
non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

The Trophy shall be given to encourage the growing of better quality hybrids and species and to encourage their culture.

The Trophy may be given at any show at which its issuance is authorized by the Orchid Digest.
  • The Orchid Digest Trophy shall be given to only one exhibit at each show.

  • The Orchid Digest Show Trophy may be awarded by a team consisting of a minimum of five judges, accredited when possible, to one noncommercial (as defined by the show schedule) orchid exhibit displaying the highest levels of:
    • Artistry, taste and innovation in design and presentation;
    • Flower quality;
    • cultural excellence.
Judges may also consider the exhibit’s educational value and the rarity of the plant materials.  The definition of “high flower quality” is to be taken from the American Orchid Society judging forms for hybrids and species.

It shall not be presumed that this trophy will be awarded at every show at which it is available, but that it will be awarded only to exhibits of outstanding high quality.

To obtain the Orchid Digest Show Trophy, apply to the trophy chair 30 days in advance of the show. The request should be submitted to Simone Friend at simonef@orchiddigest.org or 4349 Dogwood Avenue, Seal Beach, CA 90740.

The current cost of the Show Trophy is $60.00 plus $12.40 for postage.