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The Orchid Digest is a
non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Founded in 1937, The Orchid Digest Corporation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the education of the public about orchids. To that end, it publishes a quarterly magazine with a mix of topics authored by international experts. The yearend issue is normally devoted to a single, in depth, consideration of an orchid subject. The Orchid Digest also publishes books and currently organizes two seminars series each year. In January, it holds the Paphiopedilum Guild focused on slipper orchids and in early June, there is the annual Speakers’ Day that covers different topics. Speakers’ Day typically features the Ernest Hetherington Distinguished Lecture given by a specially invited renowned speaker. From time to time the Orchid Digest Medal is given to individuals in recognition of meritorious service to orchids. Orchid Societies are invited to become Affiliated Members of the Orchid Digest. The Orchid Digest also provides PowerPoint programs on orchid topics for a nominal fee. Special Publications and overruns of special issues are also sold.



President / Peter T. Lin

1st Vice President / Steve Gollis

2nd Vice President / Harold Koopowitz

Past President / Fred Missbach

Secretary / Deborah T. Halliday

Treasurer / Karen Muir

Directors 2017 - 2020

Ron McHatton / Carol Beule /
Michelle Dobard / Beverly Tall /
Richard Hess

Directors 2018 - 2021

Jean Stefanik / Lois Dauelsberg /
Arnold Gum / Daniel Geiger /
Ha Bui

Directors 2019 - 2022

Steve Beckendorf / Mary Gerritsen /
Steve Hampson / Ron Kaufmann /
Graham Wood






Membership Secretary / Michael Pugh

Affiliated Societies/ Karen Muir

Slide Programs / Alf Friend

Trophies & Medals / Michael Friend

Advertising / Stephen Hampson

Publication Committee

Editor-in-Chief / Sandra Svoboda

Editor Emeritus / Harold Koopowitz

Graphics Editor / Steve Gollis

Contributing Editor / Cindy Hill

Contributing Editor / Lisa Thoerle

Assistant Editor / Cindy Coty

Assistant Editor / Nancy Benay

Assistant Editor / Phyllis Prestia

Assistant Editor / Ingrid Ostrander

Assistant Editor & Advertising / Steve Hampson

Photographer / James Comstock

Composition / Joanna Vose

Orchid Digest Ambassador / Brenda Ward

Librarian / John Yates

Webmaster / Joanna Vose

Office Assistant / Alf Friend

Director of the Huntington Botanical Gardens / James P. Folsom

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