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VOLUME 81, NO. 3—July, August, September 2017


Calling all Paphiophiles
William Cavestro, Olaf Gruss and Harold Koopowitz

Six new Paphiopedilum species are described recently.
7 pages, 15 photos, 6 drawings

Paphiopedilum lunatum
©Dody Nugrohu

Nature is still good for many surprises. After the recent discoveries and descriptions of Paphiopedilum rungsurianum from Laos and Paph. robinsonianum from Sulawesi and Paph. nataschae from Sulawesi, one did not expect to find so many additional new species added to the list so soon.

Because of the civil war in Aceh, in the northern end of the island of Sumatra and the 2004 Tsunami in that area, access was difficult, but in recent years there has been some botanical exploration and several new species have been discovered. Destario Metusala (2017) described two new species from this region this year, Paphiopedilum bungebelangii Metusala and Paphiopedilum lunatum Metusala....

Madagascar Revisited: A Voyage North
Johan & Clare Hermans
14 pages, 37 photos

The tentative natural hybrid of Cyn. speciosa and Cyn. flexuosa.
©Johan Hermans

Traveling in Madagascar for over almost thirty years has given us immense inspiration and enjoyment, but one journey has remained in our memory for perhaps all the wrong reasons; it was a short trip to the Northern part of the island in 1993. This was not the country’s fault but more the accompanying guide who seemed to have no interest in his job or his country, let alone its orchids. The journey culminated in a fairly uninspiring episode stranded in virtual desert without transport or water and just a chicken and a surly guide for company.

So, in January 2017, we set out to make amends, this time much better prepared. Our second aim was to see some sensational new orchids found exactly a year before by a team from the Vienna and Antananarivo Botanic Gardens...

Growing Together: Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and the Orchid Society of Western Pennsylvania
Demetria Marsh and Barbara Tisherman
3 pages, 5 photos

Phragmipedium Don Wimber
© Eric Hunt

Since its founding in 1954 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Orchid Society of Western Pennsylvania (OSWP) has worked with Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, built in 1893, in various endeavors to share orchids and orchid knowledge with the public. In 1990, Phipps gave Georgia Wahl, a new employee, the assignment to grow their orchid collection, and the OSWP came in to help with repotting and rebuilding the Phipps orchid collection. 1993 marked the year that Phipps separated from the City of Pittsburgh governance and became a non-profit, guided by Richard Piacentini, Executive Director. New growing houses became a reality circa 2005, and the OSWP renewed their help with the cultural adjustment and repotting efforts (now known as Pfun at Phipps)...

In Memorium: Holger Perner
Sandra Svoboda
2 pages, 4 photos

Holger Perner

It is with shock and great sadness that we note the passing of Holger Perner.

Dr. Perner was a world renowned German botanist and orchid specialist. He was born in Hamburg, Germany. When Holger picked some wild orchids for a wildflower bouquet, a friend of the family and local school teacher, introduced him to orchids by showing the nine-year-old boy an illustrated dictionary of native plants and animals. When Holger saw the painting of a Cypripedium calceolus, he was hooked for life!...

Breeding with Paphiopedilum emersonii
Olaf Gruss
14 pages, 47 photos

Paph. Gerd Röllke, cross with rothschildianum
©Olaf Gruss

In 1990, Dr. Jack Fowlie reported in the Orchid Digest “China–Awash in the Bitter Sea” Part IV on the habitat and variability of Paphiopedilulm emersonii.

With the opening of the northern part of Viet Nam plants of emersonii were found. In the Vietnamese magazine HOA Canh, in the March 1998 issue was an article by Nuguyen Thien Tich of Ho Chi Minh University in which he presented a new species of the genus Paphiopedilum under the name Paph. huonglanae, without officially describing it; there was no Latin diagnosis. He named it after the smell of the flower and the name of his daughter. He found that this species was already described as Paph. emersonii; therefore he changed the classification in the April issue with the name Paph. emersonii var. huonglanae; however he again failed to publish a latin diagnosis.

Later some pictorial material of these new plants was found on the Internet and some plants also came to Europe, Japan, Taiwan, and the USA. The flowers corresponded to the typical form. But there were, however, two crucial differences. It had a longer upright inflorescences and it had larger leaves...


An Academic Love Affair with Orchids
Cheryl M. Leblanc, MS
4 pages, 3 photos

Examples from The Betty Kendall Lady Slipper Orchid Species Collection
©BSU Photographic Services

In 1971 Bill and Goldie Wheeler of Indianapolis, Indiana, donated their extensive orchid collection to Ball State University (BSU), Muncie, Indiana. That’s how the Ball State orchid collection and the Wheeler-Thanhauser Orchid Collection and Species Bank (WOCSB) began. It has since developed into a diverse educational and conservation collection, used for nature education, lessons in tropical ecology, and botany....