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VOLUME 82, NO. 2—April, May, June 2018


Sandra Svoboda
57 Digest Donors    
58 Café    
  61   Calling All Paphiophiles - Albinism and Paph. lowii f. flavum   Harold Koopowitz
64 The Role of Pollen in Orchid Sex  

Carol Siegel

82 George Hatfield on Cymbidiums  

Heidi Kirkpatrick

88 Cypripedium calceolus in the Valley of the Tyrolean River and in the Lower Valley of Niederhausen  

Olaf Gruss
Translation: Judith Rapacz-Hasler

92 Studies in Oberonia: An Herbarium of Cultivated Orchids: Why and How  

Daniel L. Geiger

100 2018 Paphiopedilum Guild and the Second International World Slipper Orchid Conference Hilo, Hawaii  

David Sorokowsky

105 Obituary - Professor Rapee Sagarik    
106 Gallery—Wild Orchids of Thailand    
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