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VOLUME 82, NO. 3—July, August, September 2018


Peter T. Lin
117 Digest Donors    
118 Café    
  121    Two new Bulbophyllum species from Peninsular Malaysia   Peter O’Byrne and Ong Poh Teck
  122   Crazy for Catts—Red Hot Heatwave: New Cattleya Breeding at Sunset Valley Orchids   Phyllis S. Prestia
124 Sarcochilus australis (Lindl.) H. G. Reichb.
Non-Classic Style Hybrids

Peter Adams

135 Book Review: Charles Parish—Plant Hunter and Botanical Artist in Burma  

Dudley Clayton

136 A Visit to Colombian Cattleyas  

Helmut H. Popper, M.D.

146 Growing Australian Dendrobiums: An Interview with Fred Clarke  

Phyllis S. Prestia

154 Ant Pollination of Dactylorhiza viridis  

Jean Claessens and Bernhard Seifert

159 Phragmipedium christiansenianum O. Gruss & Roeth   Olaf Gruss
164 Gallery—Dendrobiums    
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