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VOLUME 83, NO. 2—April, May, June 2019


73 Digest Donors    
74 Café    
78 Orchids in Extreme Environments   Carol Siegel
95 Orchid Digest Diamond Award Winners  


96 Two Natural Hybrids of the Genus Paphiopedilum Discovered in Vietnam  

Olaf Gruss, Nguyen Hoang Tuan,  Chu Xuan Canh

104 Spotlight on the Native Orchids of the Périgord  

Nancy Benay

114 Growing Mediterranean Native Orchids: Serapias, Ophrys and Orchis
An Interview with Scott McGregor

Phyllis Prestia 

120 The 63rd Paphiopedilum Guild  

Tim Culbertson

132 Book Review
The Cape Orchids: A Regional Monograph of the Orchids of the Cape Floristic Region
  Carol Siegel 
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