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17th Orchid Digest Speakers Day

Saturday, June 8, 2019
12:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, CA

'Orchids Around the World'

Scheduled Speakers:
Marc Hachadourian
Bob Hamilton
Tom Mirenda
Nile Dusdieker
Roy Tokunaga

Vendors: Andy’s Orchids, Cal Orchid,
Gold Country Orchids, H&R Orchids, and Sunset Valley Orchids

Tickets $95

Sales Table $150

Event includes afternoon seminar, live auction, wine and cheese happy hour, dinner, and distinguished lecture


Marc Hachadourian is the Director of Glasshouse Horticulture and Senior Curator of Orchids at The New York Botanical Garden. He has been part of the botanical garden staff for almost 20 years, first as the gardener for the orchid collection and now overseeing the diverse horticulture and plant collections found within the botanical gardens glasshouses. Marc is a graduate of Cornell University and holds a degree in Plant Science. He has over 25 years of experience in horticulture developing specializations in all types of glasshouse plants including specializations in orchids, aquatics, bulbs and alpines. As an active member of many professional societies, he has a strong interest in the conservation and cultivation of all groups of plants. He oversees the CITES Rescue Center Program at the New York Botanical Garden which rehabilitates endangered plants coordinated through the US Fish & Wildlife Department.  In addition to participating in botanical research, he contributes his expertise in projects regarding the conservation and cultivation of all types of plants. Alongside award-winning photographer Jonathan Singer and co-author Dr. W.J. Kress of the Smithsonian Institution, the book Botanica Magnifica (Abbeville Press) was published in 2009. His second book will be published by Timber Press this coming September.  Orchids Modern speaks to the beginning orchid growers looking to hone their skills and take a creative approach to growing and displaying orchids in the home. As an American Orchid Society Judge and part of the faculty of The New York Botanical Garden School of Professional Horticulture, he lectures across the U.S and abroad as a respected horticultural educator.  A published photographer, media personality, and author, Marc has dedicated himself to increasing public awareness about the importance of global plant conservation and the appreciation of plant biodiversity.

Bob Hamilton
was born in 1946, raised and educated in Berkeley. I have lived in Berkeley my whole life. My career began as a student in Physics working nights for a Nobel winning physicist, Luis Alvarez analyzing photographs from high energy physics experiments. I dropped out of college to pursue a passion for scientific glassblowing specializing in electron tubes and lasers. I became UC Berkeley's youngest Principal Glassblower, a career I maintained for 17-years. Given changes in research funding, I made a leap and assisted in the design and construction of the University of California's Microfabrication Laboratory, a shared semiconductor research facility which annually served more than 400 researchers. I became its Equipment and Facilities manager.  I went on to help design and manage UC's Marvell Nanofabrication Laboratory which supersedes the Micro lab. In 2017 I retired from UC after a 50-year career. I met my partner, John Leathers in 1975. Following our purchase of a house in 1977 with a built-on solarium we began tropical plants and orchids, John would eventually specialize in Pleurothallids and me Odontoglossums. Circa 1989 we founded Hawk Hill Orchids, a 3000 square foot operation that remains mostly a hobby. We make our own hybrids as well as propagate desirable species. We operate our own propagation lab. I am past President of the Orchid Society of California and currently President of the International Odontoglossum Alliance, which became the first specialty group affiliated with the American Orchid Society. We are passionate about orchids and work hard at our avocation. John is the recipient of the American Orchid Society 2015 Award for Excellence in Hybridizing and I am the recipient of the American Orchid Societies 2015 President Award for my work with antimitotics for increasing chromosome numbers in orchids. John Leathers is the editor of The Odontoglossum Alliance newsletter, a web-based publication in both English and Spanish. Beyond orchids, I play classical piano and we are both avid art collectors.

Tom Mirenda
has been cultivating plants since his early childhood and lives to create beauty with plants in botanic Garden settings for more than half of his adult life. Originally trained as a Marine Biologist, Tom moved to Hawaii in his early 20s to pursue an MB career and worked on the Trophic relationships of denizens of Coral reefs in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands (Midway and French Frigate Shoals). There he realized he was better suited to Horticultural pursuits and took positions at New York Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Botanical Garden and at the Incredible Greentree Estate in Long Island where he cared for a first class Orchid collection. During this time, Tom also was the floor manager of the legendary New York International Orchid Show. Eventually Tom accepted the Orchid Collection Specialist Position at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC where he cultivated and curated a huge diverse orchid collection for the past 17 years. The collection was used to create massive 4 to 5 month long educational orchid exhibits displayed to literally millions of visitors each year.

For the past 14 years Tom has contributed 2 monthly columns for the ORCHIDS magazine, the Bulletin of the American Orchid Society, and has developed an international following, as a writer, speaker and advocate for orchid conservation around the world. Last year Tom Co -authored The Book of Orchids with Two scientists from Kew and has done speaking tours in the British Isles for the last three summers. Presented at the last 3 world Orchid conferences and several IOCC and AOCs on Conservation topics. Tom was a founding member of the North American Orchid Conservation Center and continues his support of orchids conservation there, and around the world.

Last fall, Tom took a major gamble and left the security of his job with the Smithsonian to take a leadership position at the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, an exceptionally beautiful jewel on the lush Hamakua coast just north of Hilo on the Big Island (aka the Orchid Island!). What Tom found there was an Orchid Paradise where myriad spectacular orchids of all types, both lowland and montane species and hybrids seem to thrive, simply planted in the trees, placing them thoughtfully in the landscape.

Ultimately, he believes that the concept of growing orchids in Garden settings, to be a viable model world-wide for orchid conservation and encourages the ex-situ cultivation of orchids by diverse stakeholders in the orchid community and that it is only with the cooperation of Botanical Garden Professionals, commercial growers, academia and committed orchid collectors and backyard growers, that orchids will survive the vicissitudes of climate change.

Nile Dusdieker
is a retired Gastroenterologist living in North Liberty, Iowa. He and his wife grow over 900 orchids in a greenhouse atop their third garage with most of the orchids going outside to a pergola in the summer. Nile is an accredited AOS Judge and has given presentations, posters, and webinars in the US, and internationally at the World Orchid Congress and Australian Orchid Council National Conventions. He has published several articles in Orchids Magazine.

Nile and his wife, Lois, are known locally as the ‘Orchid Snoops’ because everywhere they go they like to look for and learn more about orchids. Nile enjoys visiting orchid societies and sharing his passion for orchid growing.

‘The Dunes and the Mist; The Sanctuary and the Ledges; Orchids of Southern Brazil’ describes one of their recent trips to four different habitats for native Brazilian orchids. They were fortunate to see literally hundreds of orchids in bloom.

Roy Tokunaga
I grew up on the beautiful island of Maui, in the Hawaiian Islands chain. I left Maui for Honolulu, Oahu to attend the University of Hawaii. It was in the honors program, my favorite mentor, Dr. Yoneo Sagawa, introduced me to Orchids and the new emerging technology of orchid seed germination and cloning. I eventually earned a Bachelor in Education, to teach biology. I was recruited to work at an Orchid cloning laboratory, E&R Orchids. For seven years I honed my skills in seed germination and cloning. In 1981, I partnered with Harry Akagi to start H&R Nurseries in Waimanalo, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. I am a judge Emeritus for the American Orchid Society as well as the Honolulu Orchid Society.

Today, I have been hybridizing, cloning, and germinating seeds for more than 40 years. H&R maintains a laboratory to do its seed germination and grows Orchids under one acre of shade houses. I have been refocusing H&R to excel in the culture of species as well as providing hybrids in the Dendrobium and Cattleya Alliance. My passion has been the proper nutrition of Orchids and the mythical florigen. My favorite Dendrobium hybrids are in the Latouria section.